Once upon a time...…

As a child I was fond of stories and fairy tales.

When I was a teacher years later, I continued reading and storytelling.

Once upon a time I told a story of a little girl called Duimelijntje. She went out sailing in a large cabbage leaf drifting on the water of the canal. Already, I put a cabbage leaf on the ground and between the leaves you saw a little girl standing in a red dress. While I was telling something marvelous happened; The children and I saw Duimelijntje slowly emerge from the story.

Here my love began to make felt figures. Family squirrel and mouse, the 5 firefighters and Aunt Mina, tough knights and pirates and many others I made from wool and felt with needle and thread.

My own children inspired me when I was working on a design. When making the firefighters, my eldest son really thought that Tante Mina Lutteput had to be made too. When I had made her with her beautiful green-knit night jacket, I knew for sure: I really did not want to miss her, she belongs completely in the beautiful story of the gold book "The Five Firemen".

On my blog, I hope to inspire people to get on with felt, needle and wire. The felt kits are not hard to make. The pattern gives a clear description, enhanced with pictures and explanations. With a little attention and love, the mouse, squirrels, dragons and pirates appear under your hands ;-)

Sometimes ... I get a sweet message from someone who made one of my designs. Very special to me! Somewhere, a girl who goes to bed, first she puts her own little mouse in a bed of felt, saying, "Go to sleep well ... just close your eyes ... kiss ... goodnight" and then she crawls under the blankets herself to go to sleep ;-)

And then there are also big tough guys who save the story of the five firemen from the gold book after playing and saving Aunt Mina Lutteput from the burning house! "Luckily," I think, "because who else puts little mice in bed?" Or who else is so brave to save Aunt Mina? "

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